About Brian McHattie

I’m proud to call myself a Hamiltonian. I live in Ward 1 with my wife Elaine and son Mitch.Family/Candidate Photo for McHattie Family

It’s been my honour to serve as the Councillor for Ward 1 since I was elected in 2004.

I have a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Science in Planning & Community Development from the University of Guelph. I’m also a Registered Professional Planner, a member of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, and the Canadian Institute of Planning.

I’m proud of the hard work I put in over the years to earn those degrees, but what’s even more important is how my education and training has helped me to see and to understand urban, suburban, and rural issues and needs. Needless to say, being a Councillor means I am dealing with issues, so many of which connect in some way to planning and to the environment.

I’ve also run my own business, been a lecturer at McMaster University, worked for Environment Canada, as well as the Hamilton Conservation Authority, and the Bay Area Restoration Council.

As a Councillor, I’ve chaired, or been a member of, many Standing Committees and Sub-Committees of the City of Hamilton. Also, I’ve sat on the Boards of many agencies that serve the needs of Hamiltonians. For a representative list of those Committees, Sub-Committees, and Boards, please click here.

My wife Elaine is a Hamilton-based physician who specializes in the training of rural doctors.  We are avid kayakers, walkers, hikers, readers, and Hamiltonians. And because dog lovers love dogs, I feel I must mention that we’re often accompanied by the forth member of our family, our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Brannagh.

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